Sun, Oct 20, 2013

Thanks to all participants of the first Sirex Symposium at beautiful Cornell Plantations! It was a great meeting with cutting-edge presentations, international attendance, and stimulating discussions. And a big thanks to the organizers -  Ann Hajek, Mark Whitmore, and Fred Stephen - for putting together such a stimulating and fun experience!

Sat, Aug 3, 2013

The website is up to register for the upcoming Sirex Symposium at Cornell Plantations! 

Thu, Aug 1, 2013

Launching new woodwasp website this summer! Encourage your colleagues to become members. Members can identify potential collaborators via a searchable database on the site, and share woodwasp-related images, presentations, and publications with other members. We will solicit input on site content for two weeks, from August 1 –  16, 2013.

Mon, Jul 8, 2013

A Sirex working group meeting is planned for October 14 - 16 in Ithaca, New York. Local arrangements by Ann Hajek. Researchers, administrators, and forest managers will meet to discuss recent findings from currently funded projects and future directions for Sirex research in North America.


Urocerus gigas gigas
by Vicky Klasmer
This site is designed to facilitate and stimulate worldwide collaboration amongst scientists and forest managers working on woodwasps. Registration is free and recommended in order for members to identify aspects of siricid research in which they are currently involved or would like to become involved. Members can use the site to initiate collaborative efforts by contacting others with similar research and/or management interests.
The site also provides a brief description of woodwasp biology and ecology along with distribution maps and links to external sites on woodwasp monitoring, detection, identification, and literature. Information on current research and meetings/workshops is updated regularly, and members may deposit woodwasp-related images for others to view and use.